Our Services

GoodLifeCredit does what other credit repair companies don't. We have retained with the Law Firm of Friedman and Brown, one of the premier law firms practicing credit law. The Attorneys and paralegals are trained to look for discrepancies in your credit reports which will allow us to legally challenge those discrepancies.

Direct Attorney Oversight

One of GoodLifeCredit's attorneys will monitor your case every step of the way. They will consult with the legal team about the complexities of your case and develop a strategy to get the best results.

Personal Credit Consultant

You will have a personal member of the legal team assigned to you that will get to know you. You will work with your paralegal to customize your individual credit strategy.

Thorough First Dispute Strategy

GoodLifeCredit sends your dispute letters on law firm letterhead, signed by a member of our legal team challenging every negative item you tell us to challenge.

Creditor Contact

GoodLifeCredit will contact your lenders, banks and collection agencies to remove negative information from your reports.

Debt Verification Letters

GoodLifeCredit will put debt collection companies on notice to confirm that they are legally authorize to collect a debt from you under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). In many cases they are not.

Monthly Dispute Strategy

After the responses are received from our First Dispute Strategy, follow-up disputes are sent every month. Most companies do not dispute monthly.

Month to Month Service

Everyone's case is different. Some go faster than others. It wouldn't be right to lock you into a long-term contract. The GoodLifeCredit service agreement is completely "at will". You stay as long as you want. When you are finished, just tell us and we will end your case.

Backed with our Full Service Warranty

Nobody else does this. GoodLifeCredit is willing to warranty the service after six months. If you get six months into the process and we haven't been able to get any negative items deleted, you’ll get services for the next six months absolutely free.

Credit Assistance

Once your credit is repaired, the GoodLifeCredit friendly staff will help you get the credit that you need.

Discover the GoodLifeCredit Difference



  • Each case monitored by an attorney
  • Unlimited direct disputes to the 3 major credit bureaus
  • Monthly Disputes
  • Challenge Letters to banks and lenders upon request
  • Debt verification letters to creditors and collection agencies upon request
  • Monthly disputes)
  • No hidden fees
  • Cancel Anytime

Set-up $249.99

Monthly $99.99